AirTalk for January 6, 2014

The Supreme Court on Monday stepped in to block more same-sex marriages from being performed in Utah while state officials appeal a decision allowing the unions. It's the latest in a series of back and forth decisions that has allowed, then retracted, same-sex marriage rights in the state.
Conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch have built an unprecedented massive political network that shields the identities of donors, according to a report conducted by The Washington Post with help from the Center for Responsive Politics.
Frustration has characterized the experience of many aspirant homebuyers in Southern California. Despite the stabilization of housing prices in Los Angeles and Orange counties in the last few months, low inventory and bidding wars are still the rules of the game.
Florida Governor Reverses Medicaid Stance
New results released from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, a study of people who randomly received healthcare coverage via lottery in 2008, has put into question the Obama administration’s assertion that expanded Medicaid would lower emergency room visits.
US Home Prices Rise In May To Highest Level In 7 Years

Must a property seller disclose a 'neighbor from hell?'

Searching for a new house is no easy process. After countless hours, you’ve found a home perfect for you and your family. Perfect, that is until you discover your neighbor is unfriendly, rude, and hostile.
Vizio BCS National Championship - Media Day

BCS title game at the Rose Bowl tonight

No. 1 Florida State ( 13-0) vs.No. 2Auburn (12-1) will play tonight in the BCS Bowl. Though Florida is favored to win, but Auburn won two lucky games this season that some sports analysts say signaled a huge turn around for the team.
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