AirTalk for January 9, 2014

President Obama is using the anniversary of the War on Poverty to establish poverty-fighting "Promise Zones" in cities across the across the country.
"I was blindsided," New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said at a lengthy news conference Thursday morning as he apologized for a political scandal that could affect his future political ambitions.
California's beleaguered high speed rail project may be getting a breath of new life if Governor Jerry Brown's new budget is passed. The Governor is expected to propose a portion of the state's cap-and-trade revenue to be used to fund the first phase of the $68 billion rail project.
For his 2014 new year’s resolution, former pastor Ryan Bell decided to give up the Christian faith for a year and “try on atheism,” a move that cost him teaching jobs at two Christian universities and has spurred conversation and debate among Christian and atheist communities.
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