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Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis explores the gritty legacy of famed UCLA coach, John Wooden

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"Wooden: A Coach's Life" by Seth Davis.

John Wooden coached the UCLA men's basketball team to 10 NCAA championships during the 1960s and the '70s, but author Seth Davis says Wooden's success is only a fraction of the man he was.

Davis's new biography Wooden: A Coach's Life examines the man behind the legend. Noted for being old-fashioned and disciplined both in his habits and coaching, “Wooden made UCLA the most attractive basketball program in the country,” Davis writes.

Drawing on archival research, and interviews with more than two hundred players, opponents, and coaches, Davis explores the how the well-known coach struggled to stay on top.

What fueled Wooden's competitive streak? And what conflicts surrounded his career? How did his success create more burden?


 Seth Davis, author of Wooden: A Coach’s Life (and college basketball reporter for Sports Illustrated and CBS sports)

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