AirTalk for January 10, 2014

China has long been a major exporter on the world market, but its increase in imports in 2013 add up to the country usurping the U.S. as the biggest trader of goods in the world, according to the Financial Times and figures released by Beijing.
The California Retail Food Code now bans restaurant workers from handling ready-to-eat food with bare hands. This includes sushi chefs and deli workers. Do you approve?
McDonald's To Alter Dollar Menu With Higher Priced Items
The story goes like this - a woman orders coffee from McDonald's, spills it on herself, sues the restaurant and becomes an overnight millionaire. The 1994 case of Liebeck vs. McDonald's became legendary as an example of the frivolity of American lawsuits.
Larry and KPCC film critics Andy Klein and Alynda Wheat review this week’s releases, including The Legend of Hercules, Cold Comes the Night, The Truth About Emanuel and more. TGI-Filmweek!

Can films change our political attitudes?

Blockbuster films can make lasting impacts on our political attitudes, according to recent research.
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