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Northridge Earthquake Anniversary: Queen of quakes, Lucy Jones exploits lessons learns to help California prepare for the Big One

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A car rests in the midst of a collapsed house in the hills north of Los Angeles, January 18, 1994, one day after Northridge earthquake. VINCE BUCCI/AFP/Getty Images

Today, we mark the 20th anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake - a 6.7 magnitude quake that killed at least 57, injured more than 9,000 and rendered about 125,000 people homeless.

This week, Los Angeles Mayor announced a plan to make LA "earthquake resilient." Chosen to lead it is long-time seismologist Lucy Jones. She recently gave a presentation entitled "Imagine America without Los Angeles." She's long been warning that the more complex our city and society become, the more vulnerable we are.

How long will it take to create “earthquake resilience strategies” for LA? What about neighboring communities? Fault line maps of Hollywood and Sierra Madre faults have been released recently by California Geologic Survey – how should those be used? An early warning system is in development? Is there enough funding and political will to make it happen? What’s the timeline?


Lucy Jones, Ph.D., Seismologist, U.S. Geological Survey & Caltech - who was a critical resource during the Northridge Quake in 1994; Jones is working with the City of Los Angeles to develop earthquake resilience strategies


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