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Living in the age of anxiety

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Scott Stossel, editor of The Atlantic magazine, reflects on his anxiety in "My Age of Anxiety."

Scott Stossel, editor of The Atlantic magazine, is anxious. He has a long list of phobias, has been in therapy since age 10, and has attempted to treat his fears and anxieties with psychotropic medication, yoga, acupuncture, philosophy and booze.

In his book, “My Age of Anxiety,” Stossel explores his affliction deeply and intimately, chronicling the fears he deals with daily and the ways he’s attempted to ease them. The result is striking and, for many, familiar. What causes anxiety? To what degree do most people experience anxieties? What are the best ways to cope?

Tonight, Scott Stossel will be at a Writers Bloc Event at the Goethe Institute on Wilshire Blvd. It’s at 7:30 and hosted by David Kipen. Tickets available here.


Scott Stossel, Author, “My Age of Anxiety;” Editor of The Atlantic


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