AirTalk for January 23, 2014

IOC 2016 Olympic Venue Announcement - Day Two

From L.A. to Sochi Olympics: Interview with Anita DeFrantz

Anita DeFrantz knows a thing or two about the Olympics. She won the bronze medal for rowing in 1976, and fought against the Olympic Games boycott, although unsuccessfully, in 1980. For almost 30 years, she has headed the nonprofit organization LA84 Foundation, which helps create sports opportunities for young people and was created with surplus funds from the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday his country is ready to do business and honor a deal to curb its nuclear program, in a speech aimed at persuading world leaders of Tehran's willingness to engage the global community.
Fast Food Workers Organize Nat'l Walkout Over Low Wages

Supreme Court weighs 'fair share' union dues

Should non-union members still have to pay dues? The Supreme Court heard arguments this week over whether labor unions should have the power to collect dues from teachers and other public sector workers who choose not to join the union.
Florida Community Commemorates Veterans Day

Should military pensions be protected from cuts?

The bipartisan budget agreement signed by President Obama last month included a small, across the board cut to military pensions that is proving to be pretty unpopular. Next Tuesday, the Senate Armed Services Committee is set to consider proposals that would repeal all or part of the controversial pension cut.
Premiere Of Open Road Films' "Justin Bieber's Believe" - Red Carpet

Are child stars such as Justin Bieber destined for disaster?

Justin Bieber is making headlines for another run in with the police. Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami Beach. According to police he was charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license after the police saw him street racing.

Living in the age of anxiety

Scott Stossel, editor of The Atlantic magazine, is anxious. He has a long list of phobias, has been in therapy since age 10, and has attempted to treat his fears and anxieties with psychotropic medication, yoga, acupuncture, philosophy and booze.
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