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AirTalk for February 3, 2014

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Have your say - what did you think of the DNC & RNC? Plus TGI-FilmWeek!

Analyzing response to Clinton's big speech plus a look ahead at the campaign trail; then TGI-Filmweek! KPCC film critics Andy Klein & Claudia Puig review this week’s new releases including the return of Matt Damon's “Jason Bourne" franchise and we ask about your top 'encore films' - the ones you watch again...and again...

Deep rifts emerge at the DNC, Pew research shows we're not down with gene editing & why 'Generation Z' is having less sex

Bernie supporters heckled speakers throughout the first day of the Democratic Convention: can Bill Clinton heal the Democratic rift with his prime-time speech tonight?; Larry interviews Heather Mac Donald, whose controversial views on policing have caused a stir after this month's shootings & a recent study shows that high schoolers are having less sex than previous generations - a "Tinder sociologist" explains why.

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