AirTalk for February 4, 2014

California Drought Dries Up Bay Area Reservoirs
Water is at the forefront of many Californians' minds these days, but coming up with the best way to solve our current crisis has quickly turned into a political battle between competiting water interests.
A new report from the State Department released on February 1 says that the controversial Keystone XL pipeline would not significantly worsen carbon pollution. The State Department findings potentially pave the way for President Obama to make a decision about the expansion of the TransCanada pipeline.
The California Supreme Court is set to consider an appeal next month that will determine whether the names of police officers who have been involved in shootings should be disclosed to the public.
A year after a tour bus crash near Yucaipa killed 8 passengers, the safety regulations for California tour buses have not changed.
A bank employee displays US dollar notes
A fair day's work for a fair day's pay - but should your wages always come in monetary form?
K.K. Barrett, the production designer for Spike Jonze's "Her," tells AirTalk how he helped bring this tale of romance in the age of A.I. to life.
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