AirTalk for February 18, 2014

Volkswagen Recalls Over 70,000 Jetta Sedans Over Wiring Problem
The United Auto Workers suffered a major defeat on Friday when employees of a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee rejected plans to unionize the European-owned factory. The UAW was defeated in a tense 712-626 vote Friday night.
In a new book about the takeover of the American meat industry by a few large companies, investigative journalist and New America Foundation fellow Christopher Leonard hones in on Tyson Foods.
Spring Break Season Begins In South Beach
A case before the California Supreme Court will soon decide whether party hosts can be held responsible in alcohol suits. The case follows the death of an inebriated 19-year-old student, who was hit and killed by a drunk driver after a house party.
Asian College
Enrollment at the Ivies remains stagnant as the number of Asian students in the US has more than doubled in that period. Is there a benign explanation for these numbers? Rumors of discriminatory quotas abound -- what’s really happening?
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