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Tenants may pay for earthquake retrofitting under new proposal

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Former Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks, a council member representing the 8th District in South Los Angeles, rides in the 29th annual Kingdom Day Parade on January 20, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. David McNew/Getty Images

The city of Los Angeles is considering a proposal from Councilman Bernard Parks that would pass the cost of retrofitting apartment buildings on to tenants. Currently, only 50% of major renovation costs may be passed along to tenants, with landlords and building owners paying the cost of retrofitting.

Parks’ proposal is intended to incentivize retrofitting by allowing landlords and would make it legal for tenants to pay the whole cost of rehabilitation over a “reasonable period of time.”

Tenants rights advocates say that placing the burden of retrofitting costs on renters would exacerbate income inequality and force people out of their homes. The council is already exploring a state bond measure that would help owners pay to rehabilitate their properties, but Parks is encouraging the city to evaluate simpler solutions.

Should tenants pay to retrofit buildings? Who should carry the burden of rehabilitation?  


Larry Gross, executive director of The Coalition for Economic Survival, a tenants rights groups

Councilman Bernard Parks, Councilmember, 8th District, which includes Baldwin Hills, Crenshaw, West Adams, and other parts of South Los Angeles

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