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AZ Governor faces pressure from business groups to veto 'anti-gay' bill

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer attends the Republican National Convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on August 28, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer still has not come out publicly and said whether she will sign the state's controversial religious freedom bill (SB 1062) that passed the legislature last week. The Governor is now under increasing pressure from corporations and business groups to veto the bill over concerns that it will hurt the state's economy. 

The bill allows business owners and employees with strong religious beliefs to deny service to gays and lesbians. Companies from American Airlines to Apple, which announced last November that they will build a sapphire glass plant in Mesa, AZ,  urged Gov. Brewer to quash the bill.The new Apple plant could bring an estimated 2,000 jobs to the state.

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council have also asked the Governor to veto the bill over concerns that it would be a setback to the state's economic recovery. There is some data to back up their concerns. Research from the progressive think tank Center for American Progress showed that a boycott sparked by an immigration crackdown in 2010 cost the state $141 million in lost contracts and convention business.

Will pressure from corporations and business groups affect Gov. Brewer's decision? Will signing the bill lead to any measurable economic loss?


Jeremy Duda, Governor’s Office Reporter for the Arizona Capitol Times

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