AirTalk for March 5, 2014

LA's top doc wants DC help to regulate E-cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes will be prohibited in Los Angeles workplaces, bars and outdoor public parks under a city ordinance passed Tuesday. The ban essentially treats e-cigarettes the same as tobacco products, although there is not evidence at present showing any harm is caused by vapors exhaled from e-cigs.
Future Of The Penny In Doubt

Should we do away with the penny and the nickel?

Pennies and nickels just aren't worth what they used to be anymore, literally. Nowadays, it costs 1.8 cents to make a penny, and 9.4 cents to make a nickel, according to the U.S.
The Men's Central Jail in downtown Los A
At any given time, roughly 12,000 inmates in California prisons spend their time in isolated units with little opportunity for human contact. Inmates assigned to Security Housing Units - or SHUs - have been deemed too violent to be placed in general population and can spend up to 23 hours a day in isolation.
Firefighters work at the Magic Castle in

Report calls for major L.A. Fire Department overhaul

An independent review of the Los Angeles Fire Department has called for the major organizational overhaul at the department.

Showtime: The power and pageantry of the 1980s Lakers

In the 1980s, the Los Angeles Lakers redefined professional basketball—transforming the sport into a full-on spectacle in line with the excess of the era.
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