AirTalk for March 10, 2014

Questions still linger over why a Malaysian jetliner carrying 239 people vanished on a flight between Kuala Lumpur to Beijing over the weekend. A few clues including a large oil slick found in the ocean near Vietnam and a yellow object that looked like a life raft turned out to be false leads and there is still no sign of the Boeing 777 aircraft.
California lives under the threat of a tectonic time bomb, thanks to the San Andreas fault. While earthquake kits are commonplace in homes across the state in preparation for ‘the big one’, little attention is given to the history of the geological feature.
A California businessman who filed a lawsuit against the Downtown Grand Las Vegas Hotel and Casino says he's not being a sore loser after leaving a hefty $500,000 behind on the casino's blackjack tables.
Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Held In D.C.

Libertarian Rand Paul wins Republican Straw Poll

Once again this year, Senator Rand Paul (KY) was the most popular choice for a presidential candidacy as voted by the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The annual straw poll had Paul ahead by 20 points with 31 percent.
According to the pediatrics study, about three-fourths of children in the U.S. consume caffeine on a given day.
UC Davis has introduced a new Coffee Center to it’s Foods for Health Institute. The coffee-focused program joins other food and beverage programs at UC Davis, which has made valuable contributions to the food and wine industries and is home to the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science.
In the decade since the Oakland Athletics record winning season and the subsequent publishing of bestselling book “Moneyball,” sabremetrics, the empirical analysis of baseball, has revolutionized front offices for teams all over the country.
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