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'The Story of the Jews' delves deep into history and culture

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Simon Schama's latest book, "The Story of the Jews."

Simon Schama’s “The Story of the Jews” takes on the suffering and exile interwoven throughout Jewish history in an anticipated two-volume book and a five-part documentary.

Schama’s first volume covers the period from 1000 B.C. to 1492 A.D., chronicling Jewish alienation and crisis and offering up scholarly examination of the Old Testament and the Torah. The book and the documentary that accompany it are historically and culturally rich, a captivating tale of survival and civilization.

When does Jewish history begin? How does Schama’s historical analysis delve into Jewish culture? How will volume two of “The Story of the Jews” and the documentary airing on PBS broaden the story and expand what we know about Judaism? Because the modern story of the Jews is also about Israel, how does Schama deal with the current conflict and with Palestinian history?

Simon Schama joins Larry to discuss his work – “The Story of the Jews” will air on PBS in five parts beginning on March 25.


Simon Schama, professor of art history and history at Columbia University, author of numerous award-winning books; his latest book is “The Story of the Jews”

“The Story of the Jews” will air on PBS in five parts beginning next week - on March 25.

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