AirTalk for March 20, 2014

President Obama Makes Statement On Ukraine
President Obama announced another round of sanctions against Russian officials today. The group contained legislative and executive officials and one bank.
Mercer 16656
The constitutionality of the U.S. government's anti-terrorism "no fly" list was questioned by a federal judge during a hearing at the U.S. District Court in Oregon Monday.
Miami-Dade County Gives Child Immunizations Before School Begins
Figures from the California Department of Public Health show that 32 cases of measles have been reported so far this year. That's up from just 3 cases by this time last year. KPCC reports that nearly half of the cases - 14 in total - come from children who were intentionally not vaccinated.
Simon Schama’s “The Story of the Jews” takes on the suffering and exile interwoven throughout Jewish history in an anticipated two-volume book and a five-part documentary.
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