AirTalk for March 28, 2014

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Offers The Latest Technological Advances In Its Care
A measure on California’s November ballot would raise the cap on medical negligence lawsuits, including an increased cap on non-economic damages. Voters will be able to decide whether harm sustained from pain and suffering related to medical malpractice should be limited to $250,000 or raised to $1.
Home Prices Rise Sharply In May

Is the housing bubble back?

The real estate market has come full circle in some Southern California cities. DataQuick, a real estate data firm, finds that home prices in certain SoCal zip codes have surpassed their housing bubble peaks.
Study Shows Southern California Beach Bacteria Sickens 1.5 Million A Year
A devastating state-wide drought has put the spotlight back on to alternative sources of water. One of those sources is once again front and center in the city of Huntington Beach as a private company called Poseidon Water is planning its next move to build a desalination plant in the area.

Filmweek: Noah, Cesar Chavez, Sabotage and more

Larry and KPCC film critics Andy Klein and Claudia Puig review this week’s releases, including Noah, Cesar Chavez, Sabotage and more. TGI-Filmweek!
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