AirTalk for April 1, 2014

The CEO of General Motors is facing a tough day of questioning when she sits down in front of a House subcommittee hearing today into the company's recall of millions of small cars.
A California bill amended on Friday would put employers on the hook for wages, taxes and workers compensation for employees hired through a contracting or temp agency.
Employees of EnBW, an EDF subsidiary in
The unemployment rate has been steadily falling and the economic health of the nation is much stronger. So everything is all well and good, right? Not quite for most of us worker bees out there who haven't seen their paychecks go up, despite working harder than ever.
Sen. Leland Yee Appears In Court On Corruption Charges
Spurred by the federal indictment against embattled Sen. Leland Yee, the San Francisco Chronicle has launched a review of Yee’s voting record in the Legislature.
Cleveland Indians v Oakland Athletics

Baseball launches expanded instant replay

Major League Baseball’s Opening day Monday ushered in a new era—that of the video challenge. After more than a century of relying solely on the eyes of umpires for the final word on close calls, America’s pastime launched an expanded instant replay system.
Premiere Of Pantelion Films And Participant Media's "Cesar Chavez" - Red Carpet

When Hollywood advocates, should people listen?

Socially conscious films like “Cesar Chavez,” directed by Diego Luna, serve dual purposes. Film and advocacy are frequently intertwined, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
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