AirTalk for April 7, 2014

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators met for the second time on Monday with an American mediator to try and salvage the peace talks that nearly came to a screeching halt late last week.
Legal Sale Of Recreational Marijuana Begins In Colorado
Ever since Colorado and Washington became the first states to sanction the use of recreational marijuana, the legalization of pot on a federal level has taken on a narrative of destiny, with interest groups forming hoping to hasten this inevitability.
Many consumers love Yelp reviews to get the inside scoop on everything from restaurants to dry cleaners and dentists. But does the website play fair with small businesses?
Mickey Rooney

Remembering Hollywood icon Mickey Rooney

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney, the once-child star last surviving star of Hollywood’s Golden Age, died Sunday in California at the age of 93.
2011 CMT Music Awards - Show
The 49th Academy of Country Music Awards was packed with live performances Sunday, flaunting artists who are young, mainstream, and more influential than ever.
The current - and uncharacteristically public - challenge facing the CIA threatens to reveal the darkest violence the spy agency is tasked with. The Senate Intelligence committee is demanding the declassification of an internal CIA report critical of the agency's interrogation (read: torture) techniques post-9/11.
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