AirTalk for April 10, 2014

Comedy Centrals "Indecision 2008: America's Choice"
CBS announced that Stephen Colbert will become the new host of Late Show, replacing David Letterman upon his retirement. The announcement created quite a buzz across social networks and media outlets, with both fans and critics chiming in.
Future Uncertain For Nuclear Energy In California
Reporters covering the OC beat join Larry to discuss the latest news concerning Orange County residents, including the proposed settlement for Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric customers.
Air Raid Evacuees
For decades, the number of women who don’t work outside the home after having kids was on the decline and reached a modern-era low of 23 percent in 1999. But according to an analysis of government data by the Pew Research Center, that trend is starting to reverse itself.
A fair goer tries out the textunes eBook

Is reading online affecting our ability to learn?

Digital devices have exploded onto the market in the past decade and they're already having a major impact on how humans read and absorb information.
Kaufman Family Returns After Rescue In Sailing Ordeal
A family who required a rescue at sea after their one year old daughter became seriously ill is being criticized for taking her and her three-year-old sister out on a long sailing expedition.
A shop employee (C) walks past boutiques
American malls are palaces of consumerism but those of us who have visited the Americana or the Grove know them as a bit more than just that. Sure, they are a one-stop destination where you can get the latest in fashion and whatever else your heart desires, but they are also social spaces where people can gather and hang out without having to necessarily open their wallets.
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