AirTalk for April 16, 2014

City Corruption
The man authorities say masterminded a scheme that fleeced the small Los Angeles suburb of Bell out of millions of dollars has been sentenced to 33 months in prison for income tax evasion, the AP reports.
LAPD Revenge Killings
Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck joins Larry for AirTalk’s monthly check-in.

Are parents too involved in their kids’ educations?

The conventional wisdom holds that children who have very involved parents do better in school. But one new study is challenging that assumption by saying that too much parental involvement might actually be harming their child's grades and test scores.
Pay raise for Inland Empire doctors
After an FDA committee approved unanimously to recommend that the Pap smear be replaced with a HPV test in March, the company behind the high-tech test has asked the Food and Drug Administration to adopt it as a first-choice screening tool to detect cervical cancer, a move that has angered many patient groups.

Soul Train! - 'The Hippest Trip in America'

When it debuted in October 1971, seven years after the Civil Rights Act, Soul Train boldly went where no variety show had gone before, showcasing the cultural preferences of young African-Americans and the sounds that defined their lives: R&B, funk, jazz, disco, and gospel music.
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