AirTalk for April 28, 2014

Sterling: Breakdown of the NBA’s recourse

The NBA is launching an investigation into L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling after an audio recording of derogatory comments made towards blacks circulated on Saturday.
Used car dealership chain CarMax said Monday that it is ending its sponsorship of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers in the wake of racist comments attributed to team owner Donald Sterling.

Where should guns be allowed?

With concealed weapons legalized in all 50 states, the NRA wants to ensure that permits for one state apply when the carrier travels across the U.S.

How will Clippers fans and LA sports fans react?

Following the dissemination of Donald Sterling’s alleged racist comments, companies are withdrawing sponsorship deals with the Clippers, and players protested by turning their shirts inside-out during warm-ups, obscuring the Clippers logos. But how will fans react and make a statement?
Madrid-based insurance provider Mapfre has been making inroads on California's auto insurance market.
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