AirTalk for May 15, 2014

Federal Communications Commission Proposes New Open Internet Rules
The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to move forward with a proposal to allow Internet Service Providers, like Comcast and Verizon, to charge websites for higher quality and faster delivery of their products.
New York Times Cities For Tomorrow Conference - Cocktail Reception
The New York Times appointed managing editor Dean Baquet executive editor yesterday after firing Jill Abramson from the paper’s top position.
Health Fair Helps People Sign Up For Insurance Ahead Of Monday's Deadline
By 2015, 30 percent of Californians will be enrolled, about 11.5 million people.
Colorado Experiments With Liberalization Of Marijuana Laws

How the business of pot grows an industry

Marijuana sales are booming, and with it, entrepreneurship is inspired. California is home to many ancillary businesses profiting from making products and services that partner well with cannabis.

Pixar’s co-founder on the business of creativity:

A new book from Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull is getting rave reviews. Fast Company writes: “Steve Jobs—not a man inclined to hyperbole when asked about the qualities of others—once described Ed Catmull as ‘very wise,’ ‘very self-aware,’ ‘really thoughtful,’ ‘really, really smart,’ and possessing ‘quiet strength,’ all in a single interview.
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