AirTalk for May 19, 2014

The AT&T logo is seen on June 2, 2010 in
AT&T agreed to purchase DirecTV for $48.5 billion on Sunday in the latest telecommunications merger. The deal follows other prominent acquisitions -- Comcast bought Time Warner for a similar amount of money in February.
Jonathan Gold
Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times unveiled popular critic Jonathan Gold's Top 101 restaurants in and around Los Angeles.
street vendor
The City of Los Angeles’ Legislative Analyst office last week released a report calling for the City Council to adopt a citywide street vending policy, and to provide ideas on how to encourage the establishment of special pre-designated districts in the city where street vendors can legally operate in.
AG Holder Announces Economic Cyber-Espionage Charges Against China
In a landmark case alleging international economic spying, the United States announced on Monday unprecedented cyber espionage charges against five Chinese military officials accused of hacking into U.S. companies to gain trade secrets.
Karl Rove denies he said Hillary Clinton had brain damage recently, but continues to question her health based on her “health episode” in December 2012, when she had a stomach flu and fainted, suffering from a concussion, that led to the discovery of a brain clot.
Senior Citizens Convention
As the population continues to age, descriptions such as “elderly” or “senior” can be found offensive.
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