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AirTalk for May 19, 2014

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Election Stress Disorder 101, new Catholic guidelines for cremation & the debate on Prop 61

It's been a stressful cycle of 2016 presidential election news - how have you been coping? We hear from listeners about how they've handled the inundation of campaign scandals and vitriol from candidates, and ways to combat unhealthy fatigue; the Vatican released new cremation regulations on how the ashes of loved ones shouldn't be kept in home or scattered; and we dive into Prop 61 over prescription drug coverage reform, one of the most highly debated measures in California.

We check in with Metro CEO, should babies sleep in the same room as parents & why Obamacare will face hikes this year

We talk to Metro CEO Phil Washington about the expo line, bike share programs and more; should infants sleep in the same room as parents? According to a new recommendation released yesterday, it significantly reduces chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome; we analyze Obamacare’s double-digit premium hikes; plus, what is ‘speaking American?’ A look at dialect variations and colloquialisms.

AirTalk politics roundup, what the big AT&T-Time Warner merge means for you & should journalists contribute $ to campaigns?

We roundup the latest election news, including where key national congressional races are currently at, what Clinton's surging poll numbers mean and more WikiLeaks documents released; should journalists have the right to donate to political campaigns as private citizens, or are they obligated to neutrally refrain?; and what AT&T's $85.4 billion buyout for Time Warner means for everyday consumers.

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