AirTalk for May 27, 2014

College Community Shooting
The tragic murders in Isla Vista last week have raised difficult questions about what constitutes a red flag and what authority parents and law enforcement officials have to act on, when they see one
In Adam Liptak’s New York Times piece, he argues that the current US Supreme Court justices are ruling based on their political affiliations. He says that never before in American history has our land’s highest court been so polarized.

After Ukraine election, violence spikes in the east

After Ukraine election, violence spikes in the east: Ukraine's success of an orderly election was short-lived as a violent attack at the Donetsk airport saw 40 people killed Monday.
FDA Proposes Makers Of Antibacterial Soaps To Prove Their Effectiveness

Could bacteria be the answer to staying clean?

Last week, Minnesota banned the use of triclosan, a common agent in anti-bacterial soaps.
A Nevada legislative committee will decide today whether to reintroduce a bill defeated in 2013 that would allow betting in the state on presidential and congressional elections--something that is banned in states with legalized gambling.
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