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Stalemate between Irwindale and Sriracha factory expected to end

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Sriracha chili sauce is produced at the Huy Fong Foods factory in Irwindale, Calif. CEO David Tran has been at odds with the local city council over the smells emitted by the sauce factory. Nick Ut/AP

Irwindale Mayor Mark Breceda is planning to ask the city council to drop its complaint against the maker of the popular Sriracha hot sauce, a day after he and representatives from Gov. Jerry Brown's office toured the Huy Fong Foods factory, according to the Pasadena Star News.

Last year, Irwindale residents started complaining of a pungent smell coming from the factory. The city filed a lawsuit against Huy Fong Foods, saying that the odor was a public nuisance and called for production to shut down. Meanwhile, politicians from all over the country have tried to lure David Tran, owner of Huy Fong Foods, to relocate its facilities to their cities. Tran, for his part, has expressed interest in moving.

The Irwindale City Council is scheduled to meet tonight to determine the fate of the Sriracha factory. If the lawsuit proceeds, the trial is expected to begin in Los Angeles in November.


Sarah Favot, Pasadena Star News reporter who has been following the story   

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