AirTalk for May 29, 2014

Los Angeles River Bridges Declared Historic-Cultural Monuments

LA River gets a billion dollar bump

In an unexpected move, the Army Corps of Engineers has accepted Mayor Garcetti’s push to help revitalize an 11 mile stretch of the LA River. All this, in order to restore habitat, widen the river, remove concrete, create wetlands, and much more.
Councilmember Mitchell Englander won unanimous approval yesterday to take next steps for creating a hit-and-run alert system.

Is Amazon being a bully? and publisher, Hachette Book Group, are in a contract dispute.The New York Times says, “Amazon was seeking better terms, Hachette was balking, so Amazon began cutting it off.
Welcome to California

Support for secession grows days before election

Two more counties have joined the ranks Yuba, Glenn, Modoc, Siskiyou counties .
The Sriracha hot sauce, made in the SoCal city of Irwindale, has become the spicy condiment de jour. There’s Lay’s Sriracha flavored chips, and many foodies swear by the homemade concoction of the Sriracha Mayo.
The Apple iPhone 4s Is Released Worldwide
It's probably not an overstatement to say that no one likes to wait in line. It's something we only do out of necessity. But despite our professed dislike, examples abound where people engage voluntarily and courageously with long queues.
A Beautiful Day for Reception

What is the DEAL with all those matchsticks?!

Mysterious, giant matchsticks have been showing up all over Los Angeles in the last few weeks. No one's come forward yet to claim responsibility.
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