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New Armenian-American reality TV show sparks outcry

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Glendale Life will follow the lives of Armenian-Americans living in Glendale, CA.

A new reality TV show featuring a group of Armenian-Americans living in Glendale has riled critics for its representations of the ethnic group. "Glendale Life," produced by and slated to air locally on USArmenia TV, follows nine young and affluent Armenian-Americans as they go about their lives. The trailer of the series shows the cast partying, clubbing in Hollywood, drinking, and getting plastic surgery, among other things.

Critics of the show say these representations are "degrading for Armenians" and "tasteless," and an online petition has sprung up pressuring USArmenia TV to put the kibosh on the show.



Armine Amiryan, spokesperson for USArmenia TV, the Glendale-based Armenian-American TV station behind “Glendale Life”

Carla Yarbrough, Lecturer, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication at Cal State Long Beach, where one of her areas of focus is the representation of ethnic minorities in the media. She is also a former television producer. 

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