AirTalk for June 13, 2014

President Barack Obama today said there is no military solution for the current crisis in Iraq if the Iraqi government fails to address sectarian difference, promote country-wide stability and build capacity of effective security forces.
San Francisco's Parking Ticket Fees To Become Nation's Most Expensive

Should Los Angeles cap parking fines?

The Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative is beginning a ballot effort to cap the price of a parking ticket at $23.
2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Two
Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals is tonight, and the Kings have another chance to wrap up the series in New York.
22 Jump Street Cast Photocall
John Horn and KPCC film critics Wade Major, Charles Solomon and Lael Lowenstein review this week’s releases, including How To Train Your Dragon 2, 22 Jump Street, The Signal and more. TGI-Filmweek!
Bend It Like Beckham

Where's the great American soccer movie?

Soccer is a genuine universal sport and the passion of its fans is indisputable. Yet for all of its popularity, rabid supporters, stunning athleticism and movie-star-esque players like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, Hollywood has failed to make a single great soccer movie.
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