AirTalk for June 17, 2014

Los Angeles Kings Victory Parade And Rally (CROPPED)
Mayor Eric Garcetti caused quite the uproar on Monday, when he dropped an F-bomb at the LA Kings victory ceremony.
A study co-authored by professors from Harvard and the University of Rochester shows that judges with daughters are more likely to side in favor of women’s rights than those with sons.
Motorists Wave At O.J. Simpson During Police Freeway Pursuit

Where were you during the OJ Simpson car chase?

The 24-hour news cycle, court TV, reality TV — all these television phenomena, you could argued, were born on one summer afternoon in 1994.
The ACA could change the culture and decisions of doctors in hospitals experimenting with cost controls.
Having “hardware” in the human body is nothing new -- people who have had orthopedic surgeries have long been setting off metal detectors -- but many doctors take issue with implanted devices sold by PODs, or physician-owned distributorships.
Florida Lawmakers Pass Bill That Bans State Breweries From Selling 64 Ounce Growlers
The big business of booze in California means some students get started early, brewing that is.
It is possible Marlon Brando was a star for too long and became famous for being famous - simplified as a movie star, a sex symbol, a lone wolf.
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