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Drought claims pools and fountains at Getty Center and Villa

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A view of fountains at the Getty Center. Water features such as these have been drained in response to the prologued drought in California. dichohecho via Flickr Creative Commons

Almost anyone who has been to the Getty Center and Villa is immediately struck by the beauty and grandeur of its fountains and pools.

But, the luxury of that kind of water usage has come to an end until drought declarations have been lifted. Both architectural gems have drained most of their pools and fountains in light of the drought here in California.

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Since the Getty has taken action, it has saved around 2,500 gallons of water a day. According to the US Drought Monitor, 100 percent of California is in a severe drought, with almost 33 percent in an exceptional drought (the worst level). Twice, Governor Brown has called emergency drought declarations, asking Californians to voluntarily reduce their water usage by 20 percent.

But the State Water Resources Control Board reported that water use by citizens was down only by 5 percent through May. Are you doing anything to curb your water usage? How? If not, why not? Do you admire the Getty’s choice? Or, do you feel robbed, not able to enjoy the water feature’s majesty?


Ron Hartwig, Vice President, Communications at the J. Paul Getty Trust

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