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Should you hold out for the perfect job or take the first offer?

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Applicants wait to meet potential employers at a Manhattan job fair on January 17, 2013 in New York City. Should recent graduates take the very first job offer they receive, or should they hold out for their dream position? Mario Tama/Getty Images

California’s unemployment rate has been steadily falling. The state’s jobless rate dropped to 7.6 percent in May, back to pre-recession levels in 2008. Still, more than a million Californians are still out of work, and it’s not uncommon for the long-term unemployed to become discouraged and stop looking.  Meanwhile, college graduation season is upon us, meaning that a lot of newly minted graduates will be hitting the job market. Their prospects, sadly, aren’t that rosy. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal-leaning think tank in D.C., the unemployment rate among young graduates is currently at 8.5 percent (compared with 5.5 percent in 2007).

Even as the economy improves, many job seekers are still finding it difficult to reenter the workforce. While the recent recession and a tough job market play a role, expectations can also be a hindrance. Should a fresh graduate hold out for the perfect job or take the first offer? Should a job seeker wait for that dream job to come? How should one decide?



Rebecca Kieler, career management consultant and founder of Kieler Career Consulting, a career management firm based in the Bay Area. She’s worked with companies such as Sun Microsystems, Johnson & Johnson, and Yahoo

J. M. Henderson, a contributor to Forbes who writes about early career issues facing Gen Yers and millennials . Her piece for Forbes, “Why Taking A Job You Hate Right Out Of College Is The Best Career Move You Can Make,” was published yesterday.


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