AirTalk for June 24, 2013

California Emissions Laws
Los Angeles’s City Councils Economic Development Committee is considering a plan that would contribute $138 million in financial assistance to the building of the Frank Gehry-designed Grand Avenue project.
Music Mogul David Geffen Gives Beach Access To Public
A new bill signed by Governor Brown gives the California Coastal Commission authority to fine beachside property owners who violate public access requirements.
Weekly Jobless Claims Drop To Five Year Low
California’s unemployment rate has been steadily falling. The state’s jobless rate dropped to 7.6 percent in May, back to pre-recession levels in 2008.
Conceptual image of a human face

Study finds rote memorization makes you forget details

A new study by UC Irvine neurobiology professor Michael Yassa indicates that repetition may have negative effects on memorization, at least when it comes to remembering details.
Getty Fountains
Almost anyone who has been to the Getty Center and Villa, are immediately struck by the beauty and grandeur of their fountains and pools.
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