AirTalk for June 25, 2014

Supreme Court Hears Case Pinning Startup Internet TV Company Aereo Against Major Broadcast Networks

Aereo decision shapes future of cable cord-cutting

It’s a red-letter day for broadcasters, who won a six-to-three Supreme Court decision against TV streaming service Aereo.
How much did media coverage shift the outcome of sensational trials like that of OJ Simpson or Casey Anthony? Those are some of the questions trial consultant Richard Gabriel has grappled with throughout his nearly thirty-year career. He joins AirTalk to turn some of the most infamous cases in recent memory on their heads.
Supreme Court Delivers Decisions Against Aereo And Rules In Favor Of Cellphone Privacy
In a rare 9-0 ruling, the Supreme Court has ruled that police can not search smartphones of those they arrest, unless they have warrant.
Bessie and Edie Shigekawa of West Los Angeles
The way you want to be treated: conversation about end of life care: Talking about a serious illness, the process of aging, treatments and hospice care can all be a trying experience.
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