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New numbers add fuel to the ACA debate

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A healthcare reform specialist helps people select insurance plans at the free Affordable Care Act (ACA) Enrollment Fair at Pasadena City College on November 19, 2013 in Pasadena, California. David McNew/Getty Images

According to new surveys out this month, the Affordable Care Act has cut California’s uninsured rate in half (from 22% last fall to 11% today). Moreover, 60% of the newly insured say they’re better off, and nearly 80% of the newly insured say they’re very or somewhat satisfied with their coverage. But critics cry foul. Does your experience match those findings? We’ll debate the future of the ACA with our health policy reporter and two dueling health policy experts. Call or write in with your experience and questions.


Stephanie O’Neill, KPCC Health Reporter

Yevgeniy Feyman, Fellow at the Center for Medical Progress at the Manhattan Institute

Shana Alex Charles, director of health insurance studies at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

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