AirTalk for July 16, 2014

Monday, a chartered plane carrying children and mothers deported from the US landed in the Honduran capital of San Pedro Sula.
Los Angeles Police Foundation's 10th Annual Fundraising Gala
Los Angeles police officers rejected the city's latest contract proposal last week. Union president Tyler Izen told KPCC no one issue was a deal breaker, but said the lack of a cost of living adjustment was "kind of the straw that broke the camel's back in my members' minds."
Empty playground
A South Carolina woman was arrested after her 9-year-old daughter was found playing alone in a park near the McDonalds where her mother works.
Statewide Foie Gras Ban Goes Into Effect Next Week In California
The Supreme Court may consider California’s ban on foie gras after thirteen states banded together to urge a review of the law.
85th MLB All Star Game
Summertime means baseball season is well underway. One mark of this is the annual MLB All-Star Game, which just took place yesterday.
Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" Finalist Announcement at NYSE
A cup of cappuccino and a bag of potato chips doesn’t sound like a delicious combination, but the people at Lay’s thinks it could be a winning one.
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