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Full disclosure: technology tackles STD information

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Andrew Fosworthy waits for friends before a Dodgers game at Sunset Beer Co. on Tuesday, July 29. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Healthvana is an app borne from an awkward moment: founder Ramin Bastani was in the middle of a promising hookup when his date slapped him and stormed out because he couldn’t prove he had a clean bill of health. He created Healthvana as a reaction -- the app helps users find clinics or healthcare providers where they can get tested for STDs and keeps a verified record of the latest results so that users can share information in intimate moments.

Tech-savvy daters aren’t just using Healthvana in the heat of the moment, they’re also posting results to dating sites like OKCupid, Tinder, and Grindr. It could have a big impact, especially for online daters, who sometimes enter a more promiscuous and less safe pool of mates.

What impact will testing and disclosure apps have on the spread of STDs? Will giving people an easy and accessible way to prove they are STD free encourage more people to ask about safe sex? Would you use Healthvana?


Rebecca Plevin, health reporter for KPCC

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