AirTalk for August 1, 2014

Homeland Security Agencies Work To Secure U.S.-Mexico Border In Arizona

Border vigilantes step up patrols in Texas

As House Republicans push for their slimmed down border security bill in Congress today, militias are deploying armed, masked men in towns across Texas.

Full disclosure: technology tackles STD information

Healthvana is an app borne from an awkward moment: founder Ramin Bastani was in the middle of a promising hookup when his date slapped him and stormed out because he couldn’t prove he had a clean bill of health.
General Mills Quarterly Profits Jump 51 Percent

Nutritionists split over definition of 'processed food’

The assumption is that we all know what processed food is, but a recent paper put out by the American Society for Nutrition featuring an updated definition of the term is drawing a lot of flak from those in the public health community.
"Guardians Of The Galaxy" - Photocall
Host Patt Morrison and KPCC film critics Wade Major and Tim Cogshell review this week’s releases, including “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” “Get On Up,” “Child Of God” and more. TGI-Filmweek!
Variety Studio Powered By Samsung Galaxy - Day 1

Gender bending in film and television casting (Poll)

This week, NBC announced its upcoming Peter Pan production will continue the tradition of casting an actress in the lead, this time HBO Girls' Allison Williams.
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