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Should some college students have the right to carry concealed weapons?

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Antique firearms displayed during the 8th Annual East Coast Fine Arms Show in Stamford, Connecticut January 6, 2013. TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Dartmouth officials have rejected a student’s appeal to carry a gun on campus to protect her from a man accused of stalking her. Taylor Woolrich, 20, originally from San Diego and has been harassed by Richard Bennett, 67, since 2011.

Bennett began stalking Woolrich in San Diego when she worked at a local coffee shop. His most recent arrest resulted from appearing at her dorm in New Hampshire. Previously, Bennett was arrested for carrying items in his car deemed to be a “rape kit” that included a noose and knife after having a restraining order placed by the Woolrich family. Bennett is facing charges in San Diego County Superior Court with a bail posted at $30,000 that could have him released at any time.

Woolrich, who fears for her safety, is considering dropping out. There are currently nine states who allow firearms on college campuses which include Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin. Because she is 20 years old she is younger than the 21-year-old restriction for carrying a firearm.

Should more states allow firearms on campus?


Matthew Kirby, West Coast Regional Director, Students for Concealed Carry - a national advocacy organization

Paul Neuharth, Criminal Defense Attorney with an emphasis on Constitutional safeguards (2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments) based in San Diego

Roberta Valente, legislative firearms policy expert, National Domestic Violence Hotline

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