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How to live and cope with noise in Los Angeles

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Noise pollution is an inescapable fact of modern life. In mid-Wilshire, it might take the form of the seemingly incessant noise coming from construction projects in the area. In Hollywood, it could be the muffled beats from late-night dance clubs. In Downtown Los Angeles, it could be the car honks from impatient, gridlocked drivers. If you live close to a freeway, there's of course the blanket of traffic white noise. Even suburbanites aren't spared from unwanted noise, be it the occasional fire truck to the rumblings of your neighbor's lawn mowers.

What kind of noise do you live with? How do you cope with noise in your surroundings? What noise mitigation techniques do you use?


Ted Rueter: Director, Noise Free America , a national citizens group opposed to noise pollution. He was a Political Science professor at UCLA and now teaches the subject online at the University of Maryland University College and other schools

Monica Hammer, environmental public health lawyer that works in the area of noise pollution.  She is lead author of the paper “Environmental Noise Pollution in the United States: Developing an Effective Public Health Response” published in the February 2014 issue of the journal, Environmental Health Perspectives  


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