AirTalk for September 2, 2014


Garcetti: $13.25 minimum wage would boost buying power

Mayor Eric Garcetti is pitching a hike for the minimum wage in Los Angeles to $13.25 an hour. Is it fair to expect businesses to shoulder a steep wage increase?
mcdonalds mcdonald's sign
The National Labor Relations Board is considering changes to its definition of what constitutes a “joint employer,” reports the Wall Street Journal. The move could impact millions of temp and freelance workers.
"X-Men: Days Of Future Past" World Premiere
The leak of celebrity nude photos stolen from iCloud storage has sparked concern about privacy issues and cybersecurity. The large cache of photos include pictures of actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst, model Kate Upton, and others.
Jerry Brown Delivers California State Of The State Address

Sacramento legislation that survived the last days of session

Among the most contentious bills debated late into the legislative session was a package of laws regulating the pumping of groundwater in California.
While many think of retirement as a destination one arrives at after decades of work, for those in the baby boomer generation, it is often just a beginning.
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