Sam Harris on Enlightenment without religion: “Waking Up” separates spirituality from religion

In his new book, “Waking Up,” neuroscientist and author Sam Harris explores the concept of spirituality without religion. An atheist and frequent critic of religion, Harris argues that for the human mind to reach its potential, religion and spirituality must exist separately.

Harris focuses on Buddhist mindfulness meditation, a key part of his own spirituality, as a way to achieve a “shift in perspective” and attain illuminating, connected spirituality. To Harris, spirituality is the gold in a mine of religion. Will the idea of spirituality and transcendence without religion resonate with atheists, or believers? What are the best ways to connect spiritually?


Sam Harris, neuroscientist and author of bestselling books "The End Of Faith", "Letter To A Christian Nation," "The Moral Landscape," "Free Will" and "Lying"