Slick new public health campaign targets kid-friendly e-cigarettes

The California Department of Health’s ad campaign launched yesterday is its latest move against the e-cigarette industry. The 30-second TV spots will be broadcast through June in efforts to shed light on misleading information about the health threats linked to e-cigarettes.

A January report released by the department shows the harmful effects of the e-liquid found in e-cigarettes that is often inaccurately labeled. Not to mention the industry’s blatant advertising geared toward youth, which has seen an uptick in e-cigarette use.

Will this ad campaign deter you or someone you know from using e-cigarettes? Has using e-cigarettes helped you cut back from traditional ones?

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Dr. Michael Ong,  professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine , UCLA

Mark Kleiman, Professor of Public Policy at UCLA School of Public Affairs and the editor of the Journal of Drug Policy Analysis; Kleiman also does research into tax-policy impacts for tobacco maker Altria Group