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How the president’s plan to limit military-style equipment could affect local policing

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A National Guard truck drives by protesters at North Ave., and Pennsylvania Ave., a day after Baltimore authorities released a report on the death of Freddie Gray on May 2, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. Patrick Smith/Getty Images

President Obama is announcing today he'll limit the types of surplus military equipment provided to local law enforcement.

This follows criticism of how the Ferguson, Missouri police department used armored trucks and body armor in its confrontation with protestors and rioters.

The ban is expected to include larger-caliber firearms, armored vehicles that run on tracks, grenade launchers, and weaponized aircraft. Some equipment will still be approved, but police won't be able to get it without their city councils okaying the acquisitions.

What are the pros and cons of the President's move? Do you see it as helpful or harmful to local police departments?


Jon Shane, Assistant Professor in the Department of Law & Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He’s also a former captain with the Newark Police Department.

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