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Eye on Europe: An in-depth look with Sylvia Poggioli

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Pope Francis prays during the 68th General Assembly of the Italian Episcopal Conference on May 18, 2015 at the Vatican. ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images

Sylvia Poggioli has seen a lot in her three decades with NPR; if it happened in Europe, chances are she covered it.

Poggioli joined the NPR foreign desk in 1982 and traveled the continent covering some of the biggest headlines in recent history. From the fall of the fall of the Berlin Wall, to Greek debt crisis, Sylvia has adeptly reported on a breadth of stories that have transformed the world.

NPR’s senior European correspondent in Rome, Poggioli frequently reports on the Vatican. In March of 2013, she covered the selection of Pope Francis for the network.

Most recently, Poggioli covered the Mediterranean migrant crisis. As African refugees endure harsh conditions and human traffickers, she examined the social and economic challenges that are drive thousands to risk their lives for a chance at a new start in Europe.

Sylvia speaks with Larry Mantle about her long, storied career, and discusses the top stories Europe.


Sylvia Poggioli, senior European correspondent for NPR

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