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KPCC Just Ask project aims to empower healthcare consumers

by AirTalk®

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How much are you paying for health care services? KPCC and KQED want to know. Tax Credit/Flickr

Just Ask is a new collaboration between KPCC and KQED. The goal is to empower consumers to learn about the costs of their health care. 

Why? There’s a veil of secrecy surrounding the prices of health care services. For a long time, consumers  might not have minded, if they had good insurance plans that covered most of these services. So doctors and patients aren’t accustomed to talking about health care costs. But now, more and more people are responsible for more of their health care bills, through high-deductible health plans and other forms of cost-sharing.

Several recent studies have shown that many people with insurance can’t afford their deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs, and that’s deterring them from getting needed care. So now, people have more incentive to find out what a medical procedure costs – BEFORE they get it.


Rebecca Plevin, KPCC Health Reporter

Lisa Aliferis, KQED Health Reporter

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