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Proposed bike lanes on Westwood Boulevard

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Westwood Blvd north of Wilshire Blvd

Proposed bike lanes for going through Westwood Village on Westwood Boulevard are being discussed.

The stretch would run from Le Conte Ave. which borders the UCLA campus to Wellworth, just one block south of Wilshire. Those in favor of the lanes see them as providing safety to cyclists, and a greener, more agile way to travel. Those against the lanes predict the lanes causing more traffic, less parking, and impacting business in the village negatively.

Westwood Boulevard is a thoroughfare loaded with cars, cyclists and pedestrians. Over 3,000 students, faculty and staff use the Blvd to bike to campus.

Supporters of the bike lanes say there have been a significant number of accidents, involving motorists, and many cyclists nearly missed by vehicles. Critics say the safety of cyclists will be impaired.

Why? Is there a way to install bike lanes so that cyclists and business can be satisfied with the result? Is it all or nothing?


Eric Bruins, Planning and Policy Director at the LA County Bicycle Coalition

Barbara Broide, President of the Westwood South of Santa Monica Blvd. Homeowners Association

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