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Of all the gin joints: KPCC-ers, Angelenos on the best dive bars in LA

by AirTalk®

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Angelenos on the best dive bars in L.A. Megan Westerby via Flickr

Fancy $20 cocktails and newfangled mixologists have their utility in the world.

But when it comes to a no-frills gimlet or a straight whiskey on the rocks, the place to go is the humble dive bar. You know the kind -- where the drinks are stiff, the waiters are salty, and the regulars all look like characters from a Charles Bukowski novel.

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Kat Odell, Editor at Eater LA’s Drinks section. She was a cast member on the Bravo reality TV show, “Eat, Drink, Love” in 2013. She tweets @kat_odell

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