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Why carpooling is disappearing and how some apps are trying to bring it back

by Meghan McCarty Carino | AirTalk®

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"Carpool Lane: In the backseat of our three-person carpool to work" Peter Dutton via Flickr

The rate of carpooling to work has been steadily declining in recent decades, but a crop of apps in the model of Uber is paving the way for a new wave of ridesharing.

Carpool commuting made up 20 percent of all work trips in the 1980s, when the Census began measuring it. That rate has declined every decade since. The most recent surveys say just 9.7 percent of commuters carpool nationally, though in Los Angeles it's a bit higher, at 10.7 percent.

Do you carpool? Why or why not?

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Meghan McCarty, KPCC reporter covering commuting and mobility issues

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