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The how-to guide to taking control of your health care

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Often times, we are taken by surprise when a close friend or family member is diagnosed with a serious illness, compromising our mental clarity when having to make an important medical decision.

Feeling financially and emotionally overwhelmed are two common sentiments during a stressful medical circumstance, but Leslie D. Michelson, founder and CEO of Private Health Management, wants readers to know that there are ways to prepare and overcome medical emergencies.

Michelson’s medical career was inspired after he convinced his father, Erwin Michelson, to not undergo unnecessary open-heart surgery. Unfortunately, incorrect medical advice is all too common. In 2013, the Journal of Patient safety estimated that 400,000 people die every single year from medical errors.

In, “The Patient's Playbook,” Michelson teaches readers how to find a primary-care physician, handle medical emergencies and avoid potentially fatal mistakes during the initial twenty-four hours of a medical emergency.


Leslie Michelson, founder and CEO of Private Health Management, a LA-based firm that provides health care services from collecting medical records to finding specialist for its clients. He is the author of "The Patient's Playbook: How to Save your Life and the Lives of Those You Love." (Knopf, 2015)

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